Hammer Drill HD45110B

Hammer Drill HD45110B

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The HD45 is designed for drilling holes in concrete, rock, HAMMER DRILL or masonry from 3/4 in. / 19 mm to 2 in. / 50 mm in diameter and up to 29 in. / 73.7 cm deep as well as core drilling up to 4 in. / 102 mm in diameter. The HD45 uses a Skil 736 shank, carbide tipped, fluted drill bits and requires no fluid or compressed air to clear holes during operation. The HD45 features a feathering trigger for easy starts, adjustable rotation speed (both forward and reverse), and is furnished with hose whips and flush face quick disconnect couplers.



Drilling holes in concrete, rock, or masonry.


#736 Skil Hex 

Hyd. Flow: 

7-9 gpm / 26-34 lpm 


45 lbs / 20 kg 


22 in. / 57 cm 


14 in. / 35 cm 


3/8 in. flush face quick disconnect couplers