Power Units

Power Units

'Lighter than Air'

Powering hydraulic tools does not require a large pull-behind power source such as an air compressor. In fact, a power supply about the size of a wheelbarrow is more than sufficient to operate most hydraulic tools shown from the BST Hydraulics range from our biggest breakers to our smallest drills.

These hydraulic power units use the latest commercial engine technology from manufacturers such as Briggs & Stratton and Honda. These engines are air cooled, fuel efficient, light weight, rugged, and pack plenty of power to operate our most demanding tools without over-taxing the engine.

Advantages of hydraulic power units over other types of equipment (eg: air compressors or engine driven tools):

  • Versatile - dozens of tools can be operated from these power units
  • Air cooled - no winter freezing considerations
  • Fuel efficient - 1.3 gallons per hour / 4 liters per hour estimated fuel consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight - 68 to 163 kg
  • Small size - can fit into small truck or van
  • Portable - can be wheeled around jobsite like a wheelbarrow
  • Serviceability - can be serviced by small engine dealers 
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