Breakers & Drills

Hydraulics deliver a real breakthrough

Nothing equals the impact force of hydraulic-powered breakers. For instance, our 70-lb. class breakers deliver similar impact energy to most 90-lb. pneumatic breakers. Wow.

That’s not the only advantage of using hydraulic-powered breakers. With the best power to-weight ratio, higher blow energy, and a lower noise level than pneumatic breakers, Stanley hydraulic percussion tools are simply the best choice.

Compared to other options, the Stanley hydraulic breakers offer:

  • No tool exhaust or oil atomization often found with gas-powered or pneumatic alternatives because the hydraulic system is totally enclosed

  • Quieter operation than pneumatic tools allows for use in sensitive areas

  • Hydraulic oil provides continuous lubrication of internal parts for longer service life and minimal maintenance requirements

  • Modular, re-buildable design platform improves serviceability

  • Handles system back pressures up to 250 psi / 17 bar

  • Feathering ON/OFF valve to control speed and make initial tool placement easy

  • Trouble-free diaphragm accumulator for added blow energy

Our hydraulic breakers are used worldwide in utility construction, street maintenance, repair of water and gas mains, and general contracting jobs.