Power Unit - Hydraverter HV18

Power Unit - Hydraverter HV18

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The Hydraverter (HV18) is a portable hydraulic system perfect for operating hydraulic tools using existing hydraulic equipment.

It obtains its power from the hydraulics of any other hydraulic equipment capable of supplying up to 35 gpm / 132 lpm at 2000-3000 psi with back-pressures up to 400 psi (such as a backhoe, excavator, or skidsteer loader).

This efficient, clean air-oil cooled hydraulic system features cooled hydraulic oil for the hydraulic tools independent of the source oil.

  • Oil reservoir and hydraulic filter
  • On-off control for the tool circuit
  • High capacity fluid cooling
  • HTMA
  • Flush-face couplers for tool circuit connections
  • Will power all Stanley hydraulic tools requiring an oil flow of 8 gpm and pressures up to 2200 psi.
  • Maintains a low fluid temperature in the tool
  • Simple to attach to a variety of hydraulic equipment
Application Operates Hydraulic Tools using Existing Hydraulic Equipment. 
Capacity 8 gpm / 30 lpm 
Pressure 2000 psi
Weight 100 lbs / 45 kg 
Length 21 in. / 53 cm 
Width 19 in. / 48 cm 
Height 20 in. / 51 cm 
Connection 3/8 in. flush face quick disconnect couplers