Earth Auger EA08

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The EA08 Earth Auger is a powerful and lightweight tool used for a wide variety of earth boring applications.

The EA08 can be operated with two people or by one person using the torque tube (see more about this in features listed below).

This ergonomically designed Earth Auger can be powered by a variety of hydraulic power sources and has an output torque of 250 ft lb (339 Nm).

1 or 2 Man Operation

Comes standard with handles for two man operation or a torque tube for easy one-man operation (more about the torque tube below)

Torque Tube

Is specifically designed for 1-man operation of the EA08 Earth Auger. The telescoping torque tube can be attached to a trailer hitch or almost any anchored object 90 degrees to the side. 

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomically designed forward and reverse control valve lever is integrated into the handle. 

Reverse Control

Unlike gasoline powered augers, the EA08’s reverse control makes removing the auger from the hole nearly effortless. 

Power Source

The EA08 can be powered by many types of hydraulic power sources. Truck circuits, skidsteer loaders, backhoes and mini excavators are just a few of the power sources that may be used. 



Earth boring for posts and poles


up to 46 cm diameter x 107 cm long auger

Hyd. Flow

26 - 34 lpm


21 kg


30 cm


117 cm

3/8 in. flush face quick disconnect couplers


EA08 Earth Auger Spec Sheet

EA08 Earth Auger User Manual 

EA08 Earth Auger Parts Breakdown