Flow Controls

General Notes — To reduce or control flow rate through Stanley Tools, flow control valves are sometimes necessary. All possible effort should be made to avoid use of flow control valves where appropriate pump volume can be used because:

  • Excess oil volume and subsequent pressure drop generates heat.
  • When percussion type tools that generate pressure pulses are used, flow controls may oscillate and cause flow changes which reduce tool performance and add increased heating.

Flow Control of Open-Center Circuits — Always use a priority type pressure-compensated flow control. This will prevent relief popping and reduce heat build-up. The excess flow should be routed in an unrestricted manner to the reservoir.

Flow Control of Closed-Center Circuits — Use a twoport, pressurecompensated flow control. Some of these are very compact, in the range of 1-1/4” diameter by 5” long, and can be attached to the tool pressure pigtail. Do not use priority type controls on closed-center circuits, as this will cause the pump to operate at full volume — further heating the oil.


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