Hydraulic Fluids

Recommended Fluids

The fluids listed here work well over a wide temperature range at start-up, allow moisture to settle out, and resist biological growth likely in cool-operating hydraulic circuits. These fluids are recommended by Stanley Hydraulic Tools for use in our tools. Other fluids that meet or exceed the specifications of these fluids may also be used. Biodegradable fluids listed are compatible with all tool seals and hoses.

CITGO No Hydurance AW32
AMS Oil No HVH 32
Exxon Mobil No Univis HVI26*
Exxon Mobil No DTE 10 Excel
Shel No S2 V 32
Chevron No Rando HDZ 32
Conoco Phillips No Unax AW-WR-32
Clarion (CITGO) Yes Green Bio 32
Exxon Mobi Yes EAL 224H
Chevron Yes Clarity AW32
Terresolve Yes Envirologic 132
Shell Yes Naturelle HF-E-32



The specification listed here will provide good all season operation if your circuit is of proper design and normal maintenance is performed. (Periodic filter change, draining of condensate, etc.)

Viscosity (Fluid Thickness) 10° C 95 Centi- stokes Max. 50° F 450 SSU Max
Viscosity (Fluid Thickness) 38° C 27-42 Centistokes 100° F 130-225 SSU
Viscosity (Fluid Thickness) "60° C 16.5 Cen-tistokes Min."  140° F 85 SSE Min
"Pour Point (Min.for cold startup)"  23° C -10° F
Viscosity Index 140 Minimum (ASTM D2220)
Demulsibility 30 Minutes Max. (ASTM D1401)
Flash Point 340° F Min. (ASTM D92)
Rust Inhibition Pass (ASTM D665 A&B)
Oxidation 1000 Hours Min. (ASTM D943)
Pump Wear Test 60 mg Max (ASTM D2882)
Biodegradability >60% CEC-L-33-A94