Why Hydraulics

"Powerful Tools for Powerful Jobs"

Professionals turn to hydraulic tools when they need to get a job done. Nothing matches the performance of hydraulic tools to cut through rock & concrete, drive posts or spikes, or pump a flooded culvert. Because their energy is derived from compressed oil, hydraulic tools can pack a big punch in a little package. Their inherent efficiency means they’re friendlier to the environment than comparable air or gas tools. And because they’re self-lubricating, they last several times longer. Today we offer dozens of tools that can operate dependably off a single power source and professionals around the world are turning to the power of Stanley Hydraulic Tools for their most powerful jobs.

Advantages Of Hydraulic Tools

  • Durability & Maintenance - Hydraulic tools are designed to last with minimal maintenance requirements. Because internal components are bathed in hydraulic oil, it is not uncommon for them to last 15 years or more.
  • Low Noise - Hydraulic tools are significantly quieter than comparable gas-powered and pneumatic alternatives
  • Increased Power & Productivity -Since compressed oil transfers far more energy than compressed air, nothing packs as much pound for-pound punch as hydraulic. That allows us to deliver a smaller, lighter tool design that can deliver more power than even the biggest gas or pneumatic alternatives.
  • Cold Conditions - Hydraulic tools can be operated in sub-zero temperatures without freezing up.
  • Wet Conditions - Wet weather does not affect hydraulic tools. In fact, many models are available for use underwater.
  • Enclosed Spaces - Hydraulic tools don’t produce exhaust and their power sources can be stationed remotely. Not so with gas-powered tools which often discharge engine exhaust directly onto the operator or with pneumatic tools which can atomize small droplets of lubricating oil into the surrounding atmosphere
  • Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Operation - Hydraulic tools are inherently more efficient, meaning they require less energy to perform the same work as alternative tools, saving time and money. Hydraulic tool circuits are designed to keep oil in and contaminants out and our tools can be used with a variety of biodegradable environmentally safe hydraulic oils, so they can be operated with minimal impact to their surrounding environment