Post Puller PP10

Post Puller PP10

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The Post Puller PP10 is designed to remove flanged type sign posts and irregularly shaped posts up to 8 in. / 20 cm wide.

For flange posts, the Post Puller PP10 uses gripper jaws to grasp the post on any convenient surface.

For irregular posts that cannot be gripped by jaws, a chain is wrapped around the post and on the occasion of a perforated post, pins on the end of the chain may be inserted into the post to keep the chain from sliding.


For use when pulling irregular posts. The chain is wrapped around the post then placed in slots on the post puller frame.


To insert into holes in perforated posts to keep the chain from sliding. Located on the end of the chain.

Gripper Jaws

To grasp flange posts on most convenient surface for pulling. Has built-in grips for "U" channel posts.

Carrying Handle

Easy to transport.

Control Valve

(Up/Neutral/Down) Controls cycle of post puller cylinder. Located on the tool.


Flush face quick disconnect couplers.

Pulls a variety of sign and fence posts


Sign posts up to 8 in. / 20 cm Wide

Pulling Force

9800 lbs / 4450 kg (at 2000 psi/l40 bar input pressure) 

Hydraulic Flow

3-9 gpm / 11-34 lpm


70 lbs / 32 kg


13 in. / 32 cm


14 in. / 35 cm


3/8 in. flush face quick disconnect couplers

Power Source

Can handle a wide range of hydraulic flows it can be powered by most circuits generating 2000 psi/l40 bar. Circuits generating less than 2000 psi/l40 bar can be used but, the available pulling power will be lowered