Power Unit HP210B

  • $13,151.00

The HP210B Power Unit is specifically designed to power the Stanley line of hydraulic railroad tools.

Its ultra-efficient hydraulic tool circuit cooling provides comfortable tool operation even in the most demanding environments while its compact design is ideal for all your on-site hydraulic power needs.

    • Compact and lightweight.
    • Computerized electronic throttle control.
    • In-tank hydraulic filtration.
    • Pressurized engine oil lubrication.
    • Locking handle.
    • Electric Start. 
    Weight 330 lbs / 150 kg 
    Length 35 in. / 90 cm 
    Width 23 in. / 59 cm 
    Height 29 in. / 74 mm 
    Pressure 2000 psi / 140 bar 
    Fuel Capacity 5.5 gal. / 24 litre 

    HP210B Power Unit Spec Sheet

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