Power Unit HP28

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The HP28 (TWIN8) Twin Circuit Hydraulic Power Unit is an innovative power source capable of operating two tools at full 8 gpm capacity simultaneously.

Each of the two circuits is optimized to deliver ideal flows and pressures to both Type 1 and Type 2 hydraulic tools.

Ideal for municipal applications such as servicing water main breaks where the HP28 can power the pipe cutting and water pumping off a single power unit.

The HP28 goes anywhere work needs to be done, thanks to its light weight and small footprint.


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ATM Technology

Active Thermal Management (ATM) optimizes the performance of the HP28 in extreme weather conditions by managing oil temperatures. This decreases preheat time is and increases tool runtime.

Side Handles Side handles on the unit improves ease of lifting while adding side impact protection. There are with no moving parts to wear or corrode. 
Solid Tires Solid tires eliminates the need to refill flat tires and decreases force needed for manoeuvring. 
Recessed Control Panel Protects dashboard and couplers. 
Multi Position Handle Surface on the Special Tough Grip handle improves comfort and control with increased durability. 
Lifting Hook Flush face design of lifting hook protects it from accidental job abuse. 
Auto Choke Allows for quick and easy starting of the power unit