Trash Pump TP08

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The Trash Pump TP08 is a submersible pump capable of pumping high volumes of liquids such as water, sand slurries, gravel, sludge and solids up to 4 in./100 mm in diameter.

This lightweight, heavy duty pump is self priming and can run dry without damage to the motor, bearings or impeller. See more features below.

Makes a powerful, portable team for high volume de-watering and trash pump applications when paired with the HP28 Power Unit.


The free-flow impeller and 4 in./ 100 mm inlet and outlet combine to make the TP08 one of the most efficient pumps in the business. 


The heavy-duty construction features a fabricated, all steel volute and abrasion resistant cast iron impeller. The volute uses replaceable UHMW polyeth-ylene wear plates to reduce wear and extend pump life.  


Weighing only 59 lbs/27 kg and with its convenient handle, the TP08 can easily be handled by one operator. 


No priming required - just drop it into the material and it’s ready for work.

Run Dry

Able to run dry without damage

Ease of Use

The new TP08 design includes an easy to use carrying handle that attaches to the eyelet on the top plate. The handle can be removed by unlocking the quick link connector.
Reduce Downtime

The TP08 can run dry without damaging motor or impeller, reducing the possibility of downtime. 

Improved Visibility

Bright yellow improves visibility in the murkiest of liquids.



3,028 lpm


26.7 kg

Height (over handle)

42 cm


48.3 cm


38.1 cm


140 bar

Flow Range

26-34 lpm

Maximum Flow

34 lpm


#10 SAE (Press.) #12 SAE (Ret)

Connect Size and Type

1/2 in. Male Pipe (Press.) 3/4 in. Male Pipe (Ret)

Discharge Diameter

4 in. Camlock

Inlet Diameter

100 mm

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