Utility Chain Saw DS12

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The DS12 Utility Chain Saw presents a revolutionary cutting method designed for materials from ductile iron to plastic pipe.

This chain saw will get you in and out of the job faster and is easier and safer than other methods. 

Main attributes are the pipe clamp accessory and diamond coated chain.

  • Cuts free hand or with pipe clamp
  • 12” cut capacity when using pipe clamp with 18” bar
  •  Any size pipe can be cut free hand
  • Wet cut system - requires a minimum 2 gpm of water flow at 20 psi
  • Compatible with HTMA Type II Hydraulic Systems
  • Improved operator safety
  • Reduced excavation
  • Reduced labor time
  • Reduced operator effort
  • Easy control while cutting
  • Single side access
  • Quiet and exhaust free hydraulic power
  • Reduces rotational inertia associated with abrasive blade cut-off saws
  • Operates in wet environment, i.e. flooded ditch

DS 12 Specsheet

 DS12 Utility Chain Saw User Manual