Diamond Chainsaw vs Demolition Saw: Which is Better?

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When your crew cuts into concrete, pipes, bollards, and other tough materials, you want them to have the best equipment available. Not only do you want them to get the job done right in the shortest time, but you want them to stay safe on the job. Which tool do you choose—a diamond chainsaw or a demolition saw? Here’s the lowdown on this debate:


Demo Saws: Tradition, Tradition

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Demolition saws have been the traditional tools workers have used to cut through the tough jobs. Yet they do have their drawbacks. When it comes to deep plunge cuts, carving out small openings for mechanicals, exact cuts on corners, and irregular shapes, a circular demo saw just won’t cut it. Fumes and dust make it difficult for workers to breathe, too. Because traditional saws have a tougher time breaking through tough, deep materials, fatigue often sets in, making it more likely that your workers will have an accident.


Hydraulic Diamond Chainsaws: A New Tradition of Safety and Durability

Image by SFI Civilmax

Today’s construction materials make it necessary to put old ways aside in favour of safety and durability. A professional-grade diamond chain saw, though, can make cuts up to 63 centimetres through the toughest concrete and steel, yet cut out something as small as a brick or create mitre cuts without residual damage. When it comes to versatility, durability, and saving time, diamond chainsaws are a necessity on the work site, especially if you work with steel-reinforced concrete.

  • Safety: With a hydraulic-powered concrete chainsaw, you and your workers won’t have to deal with dangerous fumes, dust, or eardrum-damaging noise on the job. There’s no kickback with these powerful tools, so you have more control—an important factor when it comes to safety. With a traditional demo saw, users tire easily, since the tool lacks the power and precision of a diamond chainsaw. That, too, can contribute to on-the-job mishaps.
  • Durability: Because the tool is so efficient, you’ll get more cuts per guide bar and chain than with a traditional blade concrete saw. With its self-lubricating engine, there’s less wear and tear on its parts, too. New chassis designs on the latest models can extend the chain chassis’ life by more than 50 percent.

With all the advantages you can enjoy with a diamond concrete chainsaw, it’s time to start a new tradition. Select the tools you need for your most powerful jobs from our range of concrete chainsaws today.

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