Why Should I Use A Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pump?

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The question is more, why wouldn’t I use a Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pump! Considering the enormous operational benefits they offer along with the renown quality and reliability of Stanley products, these trash pumps are the best on the market.

Will pump up to 100mm (4") solids and 3000 lpm

These hydraulic trash pumps have the capacity to pump large volumes of liquids such as water, sand slurries, gravel and sludge. This makes them ideal for quickly and efficiently emptying sumps, vaults, septic systems, trenches… pretty much whatever needs emptying!

What’s so good about the Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pump TP Series?

  • Hydraulic powered – there are huge environmental and safety benefits associated with using hydraulic powered tools. They are also cost effective and offer increased power and productivity. Read more about these benefits here: http://www.sficivilmax.com.au/blog/post/2-why-use-hydraulic-tools-over-pneumatic-or-electric%3F/
  • Submersible – these trash pumps are submersible and require no priming meaning you can just drop it into the material and it’s ready for work. Now that’s a huge time-saver!
  • Run Dry – the TP series trash pumps are able to run dry without damaging the motor or impeller. This significantly reduces the possibility of downtime.
  • Ease of use – a carrying handle can be attached to the lifting eye located on the top of the unit, meaning transportation and placement of the pump is easy.
  • Improved visibility – no, the bright yellow isn’t just for looks or because it’s a Stanley tool. This colour does serve a purpose! It makes it easier to see in the murkiest of liquids where subtle coloured tools can camouflage in the dirty surroundings. 

Comparison of Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pumps TP Series





Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pump TP03

Stanley Hydraulic Trash Pump TP08

Capacity (lpm)




Liquids with solids up to 3 in/76 mm

Liquids with solids up to 4 in./100 mm


14.52 kg

26.7 kg

Dimensions (W x L)

30.4 x 35.5 cm

38.1 x 48.3 cm

Hydraulic Flow

26 - 34 lpm

26 - 34 lpm


View Product Info

View Product Info

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